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eGOV : back end Odoo, mobile app, front end + government

M+ Software has developed a software solution, running on iPad (an Android version is also in preparation), allowing digitalization of the process used by bills within the parliament, from being proposed up to it being voted by the Members of Parliament.

This solution, which historically had been commissioned originally by the South province in New Caledonia and is in production since late 2012, has been designed specifically around the process in use by the Parliament. EAS is a document management system that is made for MP's . It has been designed to replace paper during the process by which a document is proposed for examination, reviewed, and then voted.

The software is now also used by the Loyalty Islands Province of New Caledonia.

Customer type: government

Technology Used:
iOS: objective C 
Android: AngularJS, Apache Cordova
Backend: Groovy, Grails, Oracle
Project size:
250 days of development
Around 200 users                                     

Website, Odoo and mobile app of external publication

M+ Software developed the website for the daily newspaper ‘Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes’ -
This website is the biggest website by number of visitors in New Caledonia. It was initially published in 2017. The website integrates with the publication ERP used by journalists. It includes over 10 years of archives, a sophisticated search engine.
Along with the website, supporting software was also developed:
a subscription management database
a mobile application allowing journalists to publish posts directly from their mobile device


Website : Drupal, MySQL, Bootstrap, SolR
subscription database : Odoo, Python
mobile application : CakePHP, Angular, Apache cordova

Odoo, Point of Sale, Inventory

M+ Software has implemented a point of sale solution, customised to the telecom industry, for Our Telekom; the national carrier in the Solomon Islands. This solution has been deployed in all the 25 retails outlets of the customer.
The solution is based on Odoo, with some level of customisation in order to integrate with the telecommunication backend. Our scope of work included full requirement analysis, customisation of the solution, redacting end user manuals, end user training.
At the end of our service, the customer was in full autonomy of their system on a day to day basis: update the product list and prices, handle new staff, open new shops, etc.

Heineken : Delivery management system mobile app

GBNC is the subsidiary of Heineken - a very famous brand of beer - located in New Caledonia. Everyday, they have to provide beverage to dozen of restaurants and make sure that the products ordered by their customers are received on time and in good condition.
M+ Software developed a solution code named ‘GELIV’ for Heineken, which allows them to streamline their deliveries. The main features are:
Delivery tracking :
Python Each truck will be located in real time with GPS. Drivers can see their own position, and the position of customers on a map.
Orders confirmation : 
Once received, the customer can confirm the order by signing on the delivery man's tablet. This will automatically generate signed a PDF and upload it to the server.
Damaged or missing : 
The delivery man can enter broken or missing items, those items will be added on the next order automatically Integration with Microsoft Dynamics, the ERP used by Heineken.
Type of customer : Food and beverage.
Technology used : Angular 4, Ionic 3, SQLITE, Leaflet, native iOS.
Project Size : 100 days of development. 

SHOOPER :  Mobile Groceries Price Aggregator

Shooper App is the wonder app that helps offline shoppers find the cheapest prices at offline physical supermarkets, it’s an Indonesian mobile application for social activity belongs to PT Indo Bisnis Dinamis (IBD International) in Jakarta. A key aspect to the success of operations is recommended best price and location of store based on consumer needs based on goods and services (ie groceries, household products, beauty and cosmetics, etc.), Shooper App needs a reliable, evolutive and sustainable smart shopping management system, customised to its business.
We are not only developing solutions, we help customers choose the best functional and technical options. We also offer support, maintenance and hosting services as well as additional development services to adapt the systems to new needs
The system is made of a back-end system and a mobile application. The key features are:
- Define the parameters of the shopping management system: Calculate Shopping list based on nearest stores and Calculate shopping list price based on cheapest price from multiple stores
- Popular products, Popular brand, Popular categories, Shopping Lists, Shooper Point, Best Price products, Recipes, Promotions, Reward of redeemable items and vouchers.
Type of customer : Private Sector.
Technology used :Odoo & ReactNative.
Project Size : 106 days of development. 

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