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Project Description

SCEB is an industrial bakery. It bakes bread, and then delivers it to resellers in supermarkets and convenience stores. It has a portfolio of several hundreds of customers. Its main product is the famous French Baguette. The challenge with this product is that the shelf life of a baguette is only a couple of hours. SCEB is therefore required to deliver baguettes to its customers up to 6 times a day.

As part of the process in place at SCEB, we have developed a kiosk which is use at the dock by delivery people. Delivery men connect to the kiosk in order to get access to information about their delivery round. At the start of a round, they enter the details about how much good they take onboard. The system also records the departure time. At the end of a delivery round, the system records the time at which they come back, and drivers enter the amount of unsold goods that they bring back. This information is then used to further optimise the delivery process, and it is correlated with theoretical data to prevent theft and fraud.

Customer type: private industry

Project technologies: Python, Django

Project size:

● 20 days of development

● 30 users

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