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Project Description

GBNC is the subsidiary of Heineken - a very famous French brand of beer - located in New Caledonia. Everyday, they have to provide beverage to dozen of restaurants and make sure that the products ordered by their customers are received on time and in good condition.

We developed a solution code named ‘GELIV’ for Heineken, which allows them to streamline their deliveries. The main features are:

● Delivery tracking : Each truck will be located in real time with GPS. Drivers can see their own position, and the position of customers on a map

● Orders confirmation : Once received, the customer can confirm the order by signing on the delivery man's tablet. This will automatically generate signed a PDF and upload it to the server.

● Damaged or missing : The delivery man can enter broken or missing items, those items will be added on the next order automatically

● Integration with Microsoft Dynamics, the ERP used by Heineken

Type of customer: Food and beverage

Technology used: Angular 4, Ionic 3, SQLITE, Leaflet, native iOS

Project size:

● 100 days of development

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